About Bali’s diverse landscapes

Magnificent coasts, majestic mountains, shimmering lakes, wild jungle landscapes, fertile rice terraces and raging rivers. All of this is brought together under the resounding name of Bali on only 5633 sqm.

bali rice terrace

Above all the Gunung Agung is enthroned. No one unites the faces of Bali better than the holy volcano, for his repeated eruptions brought not only thousands of deaths and destruction, but also fertility and a new beginning. The Gunung Agung and his smaller siblings Gunung Abang and Gunung Batur created the clear mountain lakes inland, which today fascinate the crowds of tourists. Today, on the slopes of the volcanoes and around the mountain lakes, where desolate moonscapes dominated the scene just a few decades ago, a wide variety of crops – from sweet potatoes to strawberries – thrive in the often mist-covered, cool mountain region on productive soil. The serpentine-like roads meander towards the coast for many kilometres, and the climate gets noticeably warmer when you pass the first rice terraces. These are artfully hewn into the slopes, each square metre of which has been eroded from the mountains in sweaty work – the most impressive works of art man has created in nature. The colours change with the seasons: the shimmering surfaces of the freshly irrigated fields turn into lush green, which after harvesting turns into yellow-brown fields. The fertile heart of the island is littered with countless coconut groves, small rivers and irrigation channels.

While the fertile heart of the island is consistently cultivated, you can still experience untamed jungle in the central west. In the most sparsely populated region of Bali lies the extensive Bali-Barat National Park (Taman Nasional Bali Barat) with its secrets and natural wonders. It combines steppes, monsoon forests and tropical rainforests as well as mangroves and a dazzling underwater world. It is a refuge for many pontiffs and animals that have disappeared from many parts of the island.

Sand beach bali
Pedana Bali